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School Dances & Events happen often, but seldom are they done right!  Doing the job right is the name of the game.  When you hire a DJ you’re probably not looking for someone to come to your school and just play music.  If you were then why spend all that money when you could just hook up your Mp3 player to a set of speakers and call it good?  The reason is this, when you are hiring a DJ you are looking for a company to not only play music, but play it right, and entertain your guests in a way that will keep them talking for years to come.

Jam Man Entertainment prides itself on always going above and beyond to help take your event to the next level!  Our school dances are first and foremost FUN!  Our team of rock star DJs and Emcees, combined with our mind blowing light shows, and top of the line sound systems make it our job to not only perform at school dances and events, but to do them right!

What does doing the job right mean to us?  It means your school dance done better!  And here are a few reasons why:

Current Music – We are up to date on all of the latest trends, and are ready for whatever the fad of the week may be.  Weather its dub step, trap, moombahton, or any other pop up genre our DJs are ready and come fully supplied with today’s hottest music including school appropriate remixes, mash-ups, and extended edits of virtually any popular genre of music.

Our DJs are Real DJs and True Entertainers – Our DJs don’t just show up for an event and play music, many of our DJs have nightclub experience and are trained to beat match (or mix music) in a way that keeps the beat going all night long just like a mix you would experience in a real night club. In addition our DJs are emcees and professional party motivators each with their own bag of tricks encompassing party games, dances, contests and whatever it takes to get your crowd up, moving and having a great time!

The right sound system – We have a fleet of speakers, sub woofers and other audio equipment and design each system to fit your event based on your crowd, and room size. Our sound systems pump out heart pounding bass, and crystal clear highs that will let your crowd feel the music and never miss a beat.

A Real Light Show – Any DJ can go out and buy a couple of lights that flash and change colors. Jam Man Entertainment brings a real light show! We include a variety of different lights that are controlled by our staff and change effects through out the night based on the music and the mood that we are trying to set. Our light shows often include some basic color wash lights, LEDs, special effects, strobes, and even lasers. We also offer lighting upgrades that can any school dance that ultimate nightclub feel.

A Note To The Administration

  • We have professionally entertained at hundreds of school dances since 1996.
  • We use only radio edited song selections and are aware of inappropriate songs that should not be played due to language or content.
  • We are “in-touch” with all the current music preferences of teens. However, we always respect and comply with the school administration’s guidelines.
  • We monitor moshing (slam dancing), body surfing, stage diving, and other inappropriate activities.
  • Our Disc Jockeys are mature… they interact with the kids on their level, but professional courtesy is extended to everyone during your event.
  • We work with a written contract and are insured.

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