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Jam Man Entertainment is a Company Specializing in high energy entertainment such as DJs, VJs, Emcees and top of the line Lighting and Sound Equipment for school dances, events, venues, nightclubs and more provided by our staff of professionals that are at all times friendly, outgoing, energetic and have an unmatched dedication to customer service.  Our mission is to provide you and your crowd with industry-leading entertainment products and services that are superior to those of our competitors through innovation, strength of character, attention to detail, and our commitment to unparalleled customer service.

Everyone has been to an event and seen a push play DJ, you know the one we are talking about the one that just stands or even worse sits behind the DJ table and pushes the play button on his mp3 player or laptop and really just functions as a glorified jukebox.  If this is the kind of entertainer you are looking for we are probably not the company you are looking for.

We are not just another DJ company.  Our staff of highly trained entertainers rises to every occasion to make our company the one that you will talk about for years to come.  Our DJs play music in a manor that fits your crowd!  If you are looking for a nightclub feel where the beat doesn’t stop all night we have DJs that can beat mix with the best of them.  If you have a crowd of young children or a family event and you need an entertainer that will be upbeat and engage your audience and keep them involved with lots of crowd participation we have DJs and Emcees that are second to none.  Pretty much whatever your entertainment needs are we have just the right entertainer to fit virtually any situation.

Our focus is to always bring a high level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm to every event.  No guest has ever gone home bragging about an event they attended where they spent the whole night sitting down or they left early because they were board.  So with that in mind our company tries it’s hardest at every event to involve the crowd by playing a great mix of music and getting them up on their feet, and at appropriate events getting them involved in some of our fantastic crowd participation activities and dances.  Our goal is to make your event the one that everyone will be talking about, the one where people had fun, and the event where everyone stays through the entire event because they enjoying it so much!

Here are just a few of our specialty events and services, please check out the pages that fit what you are looking for to continue learning more about all of our high energy entertainment options:

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