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Jam Man Entertainment doesn’t just do community events we specialize in community events!  When you are hosting or planning a community event you are not looking for a plain old run of the mill dj company to just show up and play background music that people may or may not dance too.  You are looking for a company that can draw people of all ages in, engage them, hold their attention to keep them having fun, and making sure that your event is one that will not be forgotten!

We love working with crowds of all ages and really try to make community events fun for the whole family!  Our high-energy emcees and DJs are masters at orchestrating a variety of unique games and party dances that are custom tailored for your crowd, as well as selecting a fantastic variety of music appropriate for your crowd.  We encourage crowd involvement throughout every event, and incorporate as many appropriate requests as possible.

Entertaining audiences that are made up of a wide age range or that are from different walks of life can be a real challenge and it takes a different approach to pull off a successful event with mixed crowds such as these.  Entertaining these audiences differently is our focus.  Most people need to feel comfortable before they will get up and dance… This is really easy to accomplish at a private party, bar or nightclub after a few adult beverages have been consumed… but with a community event that really isn’t an option.  Is this a problem?  Maybe for some entertainers, but not for ours, with our approach to these types of events it is very seldom that you will see a crowd that is not dancing or interacting!  In fact we have had community street dances, and events that have gone well past their scheduled end time on account of people having such a good time.

How do we accomplish this?  Well, we won’t disclose every detail on here because we don’t want to give away our trade secrets to our competitors, but what we will say is that it is very delicate balance of crowd participation, having DJs that can read your particular crowd and give them what they want, and high energy Emcee’s that are willing to put themselves out there to break the ice and make your crowd feel more comfortable so that they are willing to cut loose!

Contact us today for more details on how our strategy of working with community crowds can help make your next event a huge success!

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